Participation and price

The European Orchestra Festival is open to orchestras that are member of the European Orchestra Federation (EOFed), as well as orchestras that are member of a national orchestra association that is a member of the EOFed. If you are unsure whether your orchestra is a member, consult the website, or send us a mail.

The application form is now open: direct link here:
After the application form has been filled out, please remember to send in the orchestra list, found here in Excel and CSV formats:
Excel: orchestralist
CSV: orchestralist

The price for attending the festival is € 395 per person. There is an additional fee of € 100 for those who require a single room.

If your orchestra arrange your own accommodation, there is a 50% reduction in the festival fee, resulting in € 195 per person.


The standard festival fee of € 395 per person will cover:


– all concerts

– all workshops

– opening and closing ceremonies

– reception from the City of Bergen

– local transportation

– hotel accommodation in double room from May 9 to May 13, 2018 (4 nights)

– breakfast at the hotel


All participating orchestras will have to provide:


– planning, execution and payment of their own travel costs to Bergen, Norway

– all meals (except breakfast if you stay at the hotels provided)

– sightseeing

– insurance

– instrument rental (where needed)

– personal costs