The European orchestra festival will have various workshops each concentrating on a specific period or theme. The workshops consists of musicians from all the orchestras attending the festival, with a good mix of people from all the countries. Each workshop will rehearse and perform during the festival, and sheet music parts will be available well in advance for your own private preparation of your part. The following workshops are planned for the festival with the preliminary repertoire (the festival reserves the rights to change workshops if needed):


Workshop 1:

String orchestra for young musicians 1 – approx. 50 musicians – repertoire:

“Hopak” by Mussorgsky

Dance of the tumblers” by Rimsky-Korsakov

Suite” by Norman Leyden


Workshop 2:

String orchestra for young musicians 2 – approx. 50 musicians – repertoire:

First movement from Sinfonia i C-Major by C.Ph.E. Bach

First movement of “St. Paul suite” by Gustav Holst


Workshop 3:

Baroque ensemble 1 – approx. 30 musicians – strings only – selected from this repertoire:

Giovanni Gabrieli   –  2 Canzoni per sonar a 4 :  Canzon I “La spiritata”  –  Canzon II
Evaristo Felice Dall’Abaco  –  Concerto in sol min. op.2 n°5
Antonio Vivaldi  –  Concerto in mi min. RV134
                          –  Sinfonia in si min. “Al Santo Sepolcro” RV169
Arcangelo Corelli  –  Concerto Grosso n°2 in fa magg.
                             –  Concerto Grosso n°7 in re magg.


Workshop 4:

Baroque ensemble 2 – approx. 30 musicians – wind and strings – selected from this repertoire:

Antonio Vivaldi   –   Concerto in re min. RV566 (2 vl.soli, 2 fl., 2 ob., fg. strings)
                           –   Concerto in sol min. RV576 (vl.solo, ob.solo, 2 fl., 2 ob., fg., strings)
                           –   Concerto in sol. min. RV577 (vl. solo, 2fl., 2ob., 2 fg. strings)


Workshop 5:

Classical small orchestra 1 – approx. 50 musicians – repertoire:

Johan Halvorsen, Suite ancienne op. 31, 3 selected movements


Workshop 6:

Classical small orchestra 2 – approx. 50 musicians – repertoire:

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony no. 8, 1st movement


Workshop 7:

Romantic symphony orchestra 1 – approx. 80 musicians – repertoire:

Johan Svendsen, Norwegian Artists´Carnival


Workshop 8:

Romantic symphony orchestra 2 – approx. 80 musicians – repertoire:

Antonin Dvorak: Symphony no 9 “From the new world”, 4th movement


Workshop 9:

Late-romantic large symphony orchestra 1 – approx. 100 musicians – repertoire:

Hector Berlioz, Symfonie fantastique, mvts. 4 and 5


Workshop 10:

Late-romantic large symphony orchestra 2 – approx. 100 musicians – repertoire:

Anton Bruckner:  4th symphony, 1st movement


Workshop 11:

Contemporary music, early modern music ensemble – approx. 100 musicians – repertoire:

Peter Maxwell Davies: Five Klee Pictures Op. 12 (extract)


Workshop 12:

Contemporary music, world premiere performance of commissioned work by the famous composer Ketil Hvoslef from Bergen – approx. 150 musicians


Workshop 13:

Alternative music – approx. 50 musicians – repertorie:

Paul Hertel (composer and conductor):  „Drei Stücke aus der Emigration“ (3 pieces from emigration) 1. Ende und Anfang (end and beginning), 2. Erinnerung (recollection), 3. Hotel Metropol-Moskau.


Workshop 14:

Wind ensemble – approx. 50 musicians – repertoire:

Darius Milhaud: Suite française


Workshop 15:

Norwegian folk music – approx. 50 musicians – details to be determined


Workshop 16:

Conductors masterclass – approx. 30 conductors. We are working with the idea of making a masterclass for the participating conductors. If this is of interest, please indicate so in the application form, or send an email to


Links to sheet music, details about conductors for the various workshops, and links to music examples of the various repertories will be added regularily.